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Favorite Gay

Charmed, I'm sure!

I've had this laying around for awhile now, but I defintely think it applies today for some reason. Maybe I just wanted a reason to post it. Who knows? ;)

How is everyone today?


What is that from? I love it irrationally
It's from this movie, which I have not seen. However, I kind of want to now.

I also irrationally love it. I understand totally.
Oh my god, that is one of the top 5 movies "I meant to see it, but something happened."

I think this is going to tip me over the edge so I have to rent it or something. 'Cause it's from the same woman who brought us Bring It On, so at least 3/4ths of it must be good.
"Oh my god, that is one of the top 5 movies 'I meant to see it, but something happened.'"

That totally made me l o l at work, thank you. :)

The Question I Must Ask

...So what happened?

Re: The Question I Must Ask

I've had a horrible dislike of going to movie theaters ever since my friends and I went to a showing and essentially got mauled by the white trash in the seats behind us (who climbed OVER us to get the Free Stuff the theater was giving out, and who didn't stop talking through the movie). So I didn't get to the theater to watch it, and it's then very easy for me to forget movies I want to see because I don't follow DVD release schedules very closely.

But specifically I think I was dealing with someone's 2-week sickness at the time, and there was really no "fun" stuff happening until they got better.
Haha! Greg started watching that movie over and over (it was on HBO or something a lot for a while, and he's insomniac) and finally got me to watch it because he was obsessed with it. It's really cute. And we got it on DVD a couple months ago - there's supposed to be some bonus features of full professional routines by Nastia Liukin among others. We haven't got around to watching it yet but I'm happy that I have it. :)
I think we've both discussed who this reminds us of.
OW MY _____________.
Hahah, yes. Also, still agreed.
Wow... if that boy was any prettier, he'd be wearing a dress (admittedly I've never seen this movie, so maybe he does?)
It's funny, because the only other thing I saw him in, he plays this ditzy modely frat boy actor. Quite a shift.
shrink that a touch and you would have an icon
I tried! But with LJ's file size limitation, to get it down to the right file size, it looks awwwwful. :(
*pauses for a minute*
*scrolls back up to the pic*

Nnnnnope, I don't think THAT makes the pic look awful.
I think he's a little butcher than you.... you've been hiding from me (again)