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Gummi Bear, Gummi Bear!

Dude, NO!

I can't quite believe it, but I read George Carlin died yesterday. He is one of my all-time favorite comedians, having started watching him with my dad as a kid. His 1992 Madison Square Garden HBO special is MANDATORY viewing for one and all. The man was hateful, bitter, sarcastic, but his satire and insight about people, politics and the state of shit going on was SPOT-fucking-ON. So I will leave you all with my final tribute to one magnificent motherfucker. RIP. PS, these are probably not safe for work so keep the volume down.


omg yay the gummy bear icon!
I always liked the difference between baseball and football.

Saw him in concert at MSU like a million years ago.
You know, you probably have a lot of kids going "Who was George Carlin?"