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Fallen Angel

Yep, I bawled. And then I smiled... and then I bawled again.


I think sometimes we forget that our problems, serious as they seem, are not nearly as dire as we imagine in the Big Picture. I think that if an (exceptional) 11 year old boy can deal with his reality with such wisdom, peace and class and helping to inspire the good in so many people he never met and likely never knew... I think I needed reminded that strength of the human spirit can do anything, touch anyone, inspire amazing things.

I needed to see this, and you do too. Have a tissue or two handy though.


=( Awwww... hell...
We saw this on the news a few days ago. Art bawled as well. (I have a heart of stone however...)

Three years is a long time for anyone to fight cancer, let alone someone his age. And for him to have that kind of spirit near the end is inspirational.
This is hard for me to watch, It will be 2 years next month when my dad passed! So I understand what that is like.