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Static Starbuck

BSG Webisode 1 - Face of the Enemy


That is all.

View it at Hulu


I'm only on Episode 6 of Season 4. Would it be spoilers?!
Yeah. Definitely.
Frak! *downloads more torrents*
OMG, indeed.

Was that Mr. Hoshi with the morpha, or someone else?

Either way ... Gaeta is teh gay! (but we knew this, ha)
Which leads me to wonder ... what is it about the DRADIS post? Wasn't that Hoshi's job on Pegasus (as well as Galactica for a while)? :D
Now the admiral can call out "Anything on GAYDAR?!"
And it would probably work! You KNOW a good portion of the Cylons HAVE to be homo.

Damn their whole "one of God's commandments is to be fruitful and multiply" thing. They multiplied just fine with resurrection ships. I'm sure there are tons of Leobens and Dorals who are into each other.

And lets not even get started on the Sixes.