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Static Starbuck


What did we all think of the BSG finale?

I'm not gonna write my opinion yet, because I want to hear yours first!
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Hated some very specific points, and the tendency to drag at times, but for the most part loved it.

Especially the Baltar/Six/Head-Baltar/Head-Six stuff: "I will?....Wait, you see them too?"
That was hilarious.
OMG! When Delenn and Sheridan hugged for the last time and the look on her face was one of abject terror, and then Mike Straczynski being the one to shut down the station when it was decommissioned, and Vir's little "bye bye" wave, and...

...oh, wait.

That was the B5 finale, which is what *I* watched last night.

And every morning, for as long as she lived, she got up before dawn, and watched the sun rise.

Oh, but you forgot "...and developed recurrent hallucinations of her dead husband and went a bit bonkers."
That... is an awfully cynical view for what happened there. :)
Or possibly facetious. Knowing me... ;)

I seriously cried through the entire freaking episode.
B5 or BSG?
B5. Haven't watched BSG yet, was waiting for the series to complete because I fell so verrrrry far behind. Now The Fiancé and I can put it on our viewing list. 'Specially now that B5 is finished, and we've almost completed this round of Buffy/Angel reviewing. (Well, re- for me, first time around for him -- and re- for him on B5 and first time for me. We're just getting caught up on all the media tastiness! ;P)
Awww, now I have to dig up the episode where she goes "Only ONE human captain has survived battle with the Minbari fleet. HE is BEHIND me. YOU are in FRONT of me. If you value your lives ... BE somewhere ELSE."

It was perfect.
I don't know that I would go that far, but there were (for me) perfect parts.
I had no expectations. The manner in which they ended some things, left others open, and gave us room to decide for ourselves what happened was executed well. Beyond that, I'm not going to waste any of my precious suspension of disbelief on tedious questioning of their intent or on 'should've beens'.
I'm pretty much okay with everything except Starbuck. That one stuck in my craw.
One of the best aspects of Starbuck's character was that she never had answers, and rarely could do the right thing. The way they built her up, I wasn't surprised at the end. Maybe a little disappointed because I would have liked to visualize her + Apollo humping happily forever, but not surprised.
And then when the cyberLoLcat took over the Galactica and piloted it to the cheezburger planet ... I LOL'd.
I mentioned some of this in my blog. I was very satisfied. Considering they've been making it up as they go along, they managed to bring it all together quite well.

I loved the focus on character moments. Space porn was awesome. I'm conflicted about the very-very-ending, but for reasons that are different that most people. I appreciate the attempt to tie it into modern times, but that ties it into modern times. An almost timeless series gets a scene from 2009 in it. And the cycle is broken by cute Japanese robots on MSNBC.

I think the Kara thing worked. "Kara's an angel/Jesus. Poof!" ironically ends up being simpler than the "Kara's the resurrected daughter of a dead cylon model" theories that were flying around.

And Bill putting his ring on Laura's hand made me all teary. ;_;
Kara's role really confused me. why was there a corpse version of her? why did she learn that song from her dad? how could she of had an entire life multiple times? if they are really sticking to the whole this has happened and will again theme... shouldn't we have seen all the main characters in different roles on the new earth? For continuity sake I would like things cleared up.

speaking of that why would the hallucinations of gaius and six still be around 150000 years later? there hasn't been anyone one else worth taking the form of?... um, i don't think so.
I cried, cried and cried some more for Mary McDonnell. Christ, that woman tore me up through the whole series!

Commensurate ending for a great show. They did a wonderful job telling a story and inspiring the imagination of millions. I'm happy with how it ended; as always, you could see it coming from a mile away, but you weren't really quite sure what it was until it completely overtook you. That was one of the great strengths of the writing.

I'm just glad that they can't carpet bomb with plot hints and innuendos and then ignore the revelation for three episodes before they get back around to it, 'cause it's all over!

Excellent show; can't wait to watch it again in 15 years and see how it holds up.

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