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Star Trek XI 2008

Spoiler-Free Trek Review

....OH MY GOD I LOVED IT SO MUCH. A few minor leaps in logic, a few curiouser happenstances, but damn. This was just fucking fantastic. I grinned from ear to ear the whole time. This movie is BALLSY and genuinely funny, and moving.

Go see immediately if not sooner. I'm going to see it on IMAX again next Saturday. :D


Here's what I'm thinking: If such underlying cannon has been changed then the premise for all of the series has changed with it. Could we be gearing up to remake the star trek, TNG, DS9, Voyager, etc. franchises?

YES! I'm seeing it again on Thursday. :D
Oh yeah?
I'm taking the Goon after work. You interested in joining us?
Regular, or IMAX?
Probably regular, although we haven't exactly done a lot of planning beyond "okay, when are we both free?"
Well, keep me in the loop then!
I remained cynical for about 15 minutes. Then I was all in.
At the beginning I will confess I was completely lost, because I purposefully didn't read any of the reviews or watch anything longer than the teaser trailers, and so I was like "...wait, that's not the actor who was cast as Kirk..." but I quickly caught on with some subtle whispered help from The Fiancé (who is more well-versed in Trek than I) and from there on out, I was GRINNING LIKE A CRAZY PERSON.

I had some issues, but they were largely minor, and only one of them was thematic and not an issue with the cinematography and lighting (GEUH, too many whooshy awkward angles that didn't resolve to normal horizon, and TOO MANY LIGHTS IN MY FACE on the bridge. I get it! It's shiny! Enough!)
I'll totally confess: The first 10 minutes had me crying like a little girl.

And all the inside jokes and homages to the original series had me squeeing throughout the film.
It was a terrible movie. Ok, go ahead and hang me from the rafters but it was AWFUL.